National Epilepsy Day'2008

National Epilepsy Day'2009 Indian Epilepsy Association, Vidarbha Chapter
Indian Epilepsy Association, Vidarbha Chapter (2011-13)
Details of programs held in epilepsy month November-December 2011
  1. Epilepsy camp + public awareness in Bhandara

    Sunday, 06.11.2011: Diagnostic camp was conducted in Bhandara in collaboration with Abbott. Dr. Poornima Karandikar, Dr. Pawan Adatia and Dr. Neeraj Baheti assessed the patients. Mrs. Sandhya Durge and Mr. Arun Joshi conducted public awareness program. 60 patients attended the camp.

  2. Epilepsy camp + public awareness + CME for doctors on GEMIND:

    Sunday, 13.11.2011: Diagnostic camp was conducted in Gondia in collaboration with IMA Gondia and Abbott. Dr. Mukund Baheti , Dr. Poornima Karandikar, Dr. Pawan Adatia and Dr. Shibu Acharya assessed the patients. Mrs. Shobha Sarode and Mr. Arun Joshi conducted public awareness program. 70 patients attended the camp.

    This was followed by a CME (MCI points accredited) for the local general practitioners with a talk based on GEMIND. Booklets of GEMIND were distributed amongst the practitioners present. This was attended by 50 doctors.

  3. Public Awareness program (Wednesday, 16.11.2011) was conducted in the Medicine OPD of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital. Dr. Poornima Karandikar gave information to the gathered people on epilepsy. This was followed by personal experiences of Mr. Waratkar, who is a PWE and also does counseling for epileptics in his village, Selu. Miss Aboli Bhatavdekar who is an epileptic, who has undergone surgery, also shared her experiences with the audience.

  4. Article in Times of India on IEA, National Epilepsy Day and support group: Mrs. Snehal Srivastav published the interview of Mr. Waratkar (farmer and PWE from Selu village, who is an active member of the support group and does counseling in his village), along with the information on the planned walkathon. This article was published on 17.11.2011, National Epilepsy Day.


  5. Walkathon with 600 school children: On Thursday, 17th November 2011: National Epilepsy Day: In collaboration with Sarasvati Vidyalay, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur and VNIT (Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur), this fantastic event was held on 17th November, National Epilepsy Day. The children had been given information booklets on epilepsy (in English) on the last working day of the school (before the Diwali vacation began). They were asked to make slogans and banners on Epilepsy after reading the booklets. After the school reopened, the prepared material was collected. Many children had enthusiastically made slogans and banners. These were then printed on soft-boards to make banners of a more permanent nature. On 17th November, the walkathon started from the school in Shankar Nagar. The participants were given caps with 'IEA: 17th November, National Epilepsy day' printed on them. Banners were distributed amongst 600 children. The rally was flagged off by Dr. Rajderkar, President of IMA, Nagpur. The children walked to the cricket ground of the nearby VNIT campus, carrying the banners. Dr. S. S. Gokhale, Director of VNIT and, Dr. Batra, Medical Officer (VNIT) proved to be excellent hosts. After assembling on the ground, a brief talk on epilepsy was given. Snacks were distributed. 300 Helium balloons were distributed and on the blow of a whistle, these were released simultaneously, to signify the release from myths, fears and stigma for epilepsy. The enthusiasm displayed by all the children was extremely infectious. The rally then returned to the school campus. All the office bearers were present for the rally. Other members of IEA who were present were: Dr. Nitin Chandak, Dr. Dinesh Kabra, Dr. Neeraj Baheti, Dr. Sachin Joshi, Dr. B.D. Deshmukh, Mrs. Nandini Deshmukh (social worker and counselor), Mrs. Dipti Shah, Mr. Sathaye . VNIT campus offered great hospitality under the guidance of Dr. Batra and the director of VNIT, Dr.S.S.Gokhale. The team of sports ground officials of VNIT was enthusiastic and helpful in their hospitality. UCB pharma and Sanofi Pharma were sponsors for the event.

  6. Article on 'Adolescence and Epilepsy' was published in Tarun Bharat, (on 19.11.2011) which is a newspaper in Marathi. This article focused on the psychosocial problems faced by PWE in the adolescent age group.


  7. Personality Development Program: On 20th November 2011, an innovative program on Personality Development was held in Sarasvat Sabhagriha, Nagpur.Dr. Shrikant Chorghade, senior pediatrician and psychologist and Dr. G. M. Taori, senior Neurologist, were the honoured seniors under whose blessing this program was conducted. Dr. Kishor Mahabal, Management Consultant, and Mr. Rakesh Chopda, Banker and motivational Speaker, were the trainers. 60 PWE attended the program. The talks were intentionally interactive. The participants were given topics for performing skits on day-to-day life-situations. Here we experimented with drama as a tool for education about social skills. The interactive nature of the program helped the PWE to shed their inhibitions and express themselves. A skit on epilepsy was also performed, which highlighted the basic steps in handling a generalized seizure.

  8. CME on epilepsy: in collaboration with API, Vidarbha Chapter and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, a CME on Epilepsy was held for the practitioners in Nagpur.

  9. GEMIND talk for doctors: On 1st December 2011, a lecture was taken by Dr. Poornima Karandikar for the PG students of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital and NKP Salve Medical College. The talk was based on GEMIND. Booklets of GEMIND were distributed amongst the PG students present.

  10. Annual picnic for PWE: On 4th December 2011, annual picnic for PWE was arranged. The theme was 'Adventure Sports' under a controlled environment. The event was held in Maitraban, which has facilities for adventure camping. 85 people attended the picnic and enjoyed themselves. The participants were intentionally mixed: epileptic and non-epileptic. The older crowd gathered in program hall and took part in the games and quizzes. The young crowd participated in the adventure sports like trekking and obstacle course, staring with ice-breaking games and warming up. The purpose of having a mixed crowd was to prove to the PWE that were as good as non-epileptic. This goal was wonderfully achieved as everyone showed equal participation and achievement in their performances under the expert guidance of the trainers. The cries of 'Hey Commando' and 'I am fantastic' filled the air, as the young girls and boys jumped to overcome the complex obstacle course. It served as an equalizing force.

New office bearers of Indian Epilepsy Association, Vidarbha Chapter installed.

Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) is a medico-social organization with the goals of creating awareness about epilepsy in the society. The installation ceremony of the new team of office bearers of IEA, Vidarbha Chapter, took place on Sunday, 21st August 2011 at IMA Hall, Nagpur. Dr. Nitin Chandak, outgoing President welcomed everyone on the occasion. Dr. Sachin Joshi, Outgoing secretary, gave the report of the past two years' activities. The event was presided over by Mr. B A Sathaye, one of the founder members of IEA, Vidarbha Chapter. He informed about the aims of Indian Epilepsy Association. Mrs. Carol D'Souza and Mrs. Kavita Shanbhag , Vice-Presidents, IEA, Mumbai Chapter were honored guests from Mumbai. The installation was done at the hands of Chief Guest, Dr. Ashish Satav, Professor of Medicine, MGIMS, Sevagram and President of MAHAN. Dr. Mrs. Poornima Karandikar, Consultant Neurologist, was installed as President, Dr. Pawan Adatia, Consultant Psychiatrist, as Secretary. The other team members are Mrs. Sandhya Durge as Vice-President, Dr. Sachin Joshi as Treasurer and Mrs. Shobha Sarode as Joint Secretary.

The new team is as follows:

  • President: Dr. Poornima Karandikar (Consultant Neurologist)
  • Vice President: Mrs Sandhya Durge (Psychiatric Social Worker)
  • Secretary: Dr. Pawan Adatia (Consulatant Psychiatrist)
  • Joint Secretary: Mrs Shobha Sarode (EEG Technician)
  • Treasurer: Dr. Sachin Joshi(Family Physician)

Dr. Poornima Karandikar in her acceptance speech mentioned the various programs planned for the next two years. A focus on the all-round development of people with epilepsy and also on awareness programs in urban, rural and tribal areas would be important. The activity of the marriage burea for people with epilepsy and occupational guidance would also be of priority. Dr. Satav spoke about the role of doctors in creating social awareness of health related issues. He also highlighted the importance of counselors in the current medical field. Mrs. Carol D'Souza and Mrs. Kavita Shanbhag, both highlighted the importance of support and self-help groups in rehabilitating a person with Epilepsy. Mrs. Kavita Shanbhag, in her talk: ' Atmasamman: a journey' gave details about her journey with epilepsy and also about the activities of their 20 years old support group,'Samman' in Mumbai. Dr. Sudhir Bhave, noted Psychiatrist from Nagpur, spoke on the psychological problems in epilepsy and gave suggestions on how to deal with them. There were 3 unique presentations by People with Epilepsy. Mr. Pramod Varatkar, a farmer from Selu, has been guiding people with epilepsy in his village and working hard for dispelling myths about this disorder. In his talk: ' Working At Grass Root Level', he said that goodness should spread from person to person like lamp sharing its light. Mrs. Jyotsna Kavishvar, an epileptic person and artist by profession, spoke in her talk: ' A Fine Artist', about her struggle with her illness and how she came out of it stronger and is now successfully earning her livelihood by taking art classes and selling unique gift items and artifacts. She specializes in handcrafted umbrellas with typical Indian art forms. Mrs. Prabha Bhutad spoke - ' Mute Expressions'- on behalf of her son, Mr. Abhijit Bhutad, who is deaf mute and an epileptic. He did his BFA and pursues photography with a passion. He has also won awards for his photographs at the district level. These five special people with epilepsy were felicitated at the hands of Mr. Sathaye, for their achievements in spite of having epilepsy.

This was followed by a panel discussion where experts, Dr. Neeraj Baheti, Dr. Shailesh Kelkar, Dr. Ashwin Bhattad, Adv. V.N. Patil, Mrs Carol D'Souza and Mrs Kavita Shanbhag, answered queries regarding epilepsy. Dr. Dinesh Kabra and Dr. B.D.Deshmukh were the moderators for the panel discussion.