National Epilepsy Day 2013

Nagpur Epilepsy Association, Nagpur


Nagpur Epilepsy Association (Formerly Indian Epilepsy Association, Nagpur Chapter) conducted special public outreach and awareness program for epilepsy on 17th November 2013, National Epilepsy Day.

The program was held at Futala Lake where a crowd usually gathers in the evening for strolls, small gatherings and entertainment. Around 50 posters and banners were on display. These posters showcased different aspects of epilepsy.

The “Jagruti group’ for street plays, performed a small skit on epilepsy relating the story of a village boy with epilepsy. A large crowd gathered to see the skit. Mrs. Sandhya Durge, President of NEA, briefed the crowd about the association and its activities. A spot quiz was conducted by Mrs Shobha Sarode, Secretary of NEA, for the crowd based on the facts of epilepsy as shown in the skit. Mrs. Vinita Kulkarnni, life member of NEA and also active member of the self-help group, ‘samvaad’, informed the gathered audience about the self help group activities.

The medical aspects of epilepsy were briefly discussed with the people gathered and their doubts were clarified by Neurologist, Dr. Poornima Karandikar.

The symbolic balloon releasing ceremony was held as a mark of release from myths and fears from epilepsy.


Submitted by Dr. Poornima Karandikar, Neurologist, Nagpur

Report on program for National Epilepsy Day 2012, by IEA, Nagpur Chapter

The National Epilepsy Day was celebrated by the Nagpur Chapter of IEA in a unique way!

A public outreach and awareness was held in 'Gandhibag Udyan', Nagpur at 7 am. This is a big park which is a popular destination for the people from east Nagpur to head for their morning walks. Even at 6 am there is a big crowd of people who have come to the park for a walk, the laughter club, the yoga club and other such activities.

The people who had come for their morning walks were the unaware audience. Information booklets on epilepsy and other handouts were distributed amongst the people. Posters and banners with information about epilepsy were displayed in the park. Gradually people gathered to read the posters.

An introduction to epilepsy and the work of Indian Epilepsy association was given by the new member of IEA, Nagpur Chapter, Mrs. Vineeta Kulkarni. Dr. Poornima Karandikar (President, IEA, Nagpur Chapter) gave a brief talk on the medical aspects of epilepsy and how it can be controlled with medications. Myths and misunderstandings about epilepsy were discussed. Mr. Pramod Waratkar, who had come all the way from Selu, spoke about his experiences as a person with epilepsy. He spoke about how he now helps other people with epilepsy and guides them on a personal level and also through the support group 'Samvaad'. Mrs. Jyotsna Kavishwar, Ms. Aboli Bhatwadekar, Mr. Sanjeev Kulkarni all spoke about their own experiences as persons with epilepsy. This sharing of personal experiences was greatly appreciated by the audience. From the audience, 4 people came forth to state the fact that they also had epilepsy. Mrs. Sandhya Durge (Vice-President, IEA, Nagpur Chapter) spoke about the work on occupational guidance that is going on for people with epilepsy.

A stall for sale of items made by PWE was managed by Mrs. Jyotsna Kavishwar. Several members from the audience showed keen interest in the items displayed. Volunteers to help us in the next such activity came forth from the crowd.

The program was ended by saying the prayer of the support group and by release of purple balloons to signify release from myths, ignorance, fear and shame about epilepsy.

People who had come for their morning walks went through the details about epilepsy displayed on the posters and banners

Samples of posters

Samples of posters

The crowd gathers as Mrs. Vineeta Kulkarni starts the introductions

Mr. Waratkar speaking about his experiences and his work on epilepsy in a rural set-up

Mrs. Vineeta Kulkarni and Mrs. Sandhya Durge (Vice President, IEA, Nagpur Chapter) speaking about the work of IEA and the support group, Samvaad