The neuroscience department of Dispur Hospital, Guwahati organized an event on "Epilepsy Day" for epilepsy awareness among parents and teachers of school children. In the event, children aged 5 to 12 years participated in a painting competition which was judged by renowned artist Mrs.Parineeta Bezbaruah.

The best three participant among two groups 5 to 8yrs and 9 to 12 yrs were presented with certificates and prizes. While the children were busy painting, the parents and teachers attented a lecture delivered by Dr.(Mrs.) Ajaya Mahanta, DM, consultant Neurologist of Dispur Hospital.

She lectured on the need of social awareness for seizure attack and misconceptions about epilepsy in the general public She also spoke about various types of epilepsy first aid including some important do's and don't's regarding epilepsy. She also elaborated that with proper treatment epilepsy can be controlled and that a person with epilepsy can lead a normal life with adequate treatment.

Children with epilepsy can attent school, participate in sports etc. just like normal children. This was followed by an interactive question answer session, conducted by both Dr.(Mrs.)A.Mahanta and Dr. Monalisha Goswami, consultant neurologist of Nemcare Hospital, Guwahati.

This seesion helped many parents and teachers clarify their doubts on epilepsy. Questionnaire's on myths and facts regarding epilepsy were given to the parents and teachers as well. There were prizes for those who got the most questions right, this made the children happy as even their parents and teachers won prizes. The entire audience thanked the organisers for conducting such an informative and interactive event. They looked forward to participate in more such events n the future.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr.Abhijit Dhar of Sanofi Aventis, who sponsored the event. The programme ended with light refreshment.

Dr.(Mrs.) A. Mahanta DM (Neurology, AIIMS)
Senoir Consultant Neurologist
Dispur Hospital,
Guwahati Organizer of "Epilepsy Awareness Day"