Education is a fundamental social initiative, a human right which has a cascading impact on numerous other aspects such as poverty, health, gender inequality and human rights.  Quality education ensures growth in social, economic and civic dimensions impacting collective consciousness of future generations.

With the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005, the Government of India has laid down the foundation for a great change within the educational system, and the Right to Education Act, 2009 is Government’s tool to ensure a physical framework for implementation of NCF. 

Poor education, absentee teachers or unplanned curricula is tantamount to no education at all hence HPPI is dedicated to working with government and state agencies to ensure that children and youth get equal opportunity and access to quality Education along with improved learning outcomes. 

HPPI’s educational programmes aim to provide knowledge, skills, techniques and information which enables people to know their rights and reach their full potential. It also breaks the cycle of poverty and closes the gender gap in basic education.

HPPI implements 6 educational programmes, namely – The Necessary Teacher Training Programme (NeTT), Prarambh Teacher Training, Academy for Working Children (AWC), The Kadam Step Up Programme, Girls Bridge Education and Women’s Literacy Training.

Necessary Teacher Training Program (NeTT): More than 6,900 elementary school teachers have been trained in 23 state-run teacher training institutes (known as DIETs and GETTIs) in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, impacting nearly 3,000 primary school students in these states. At present 4,152 student-teachers are undergoing training under the NeTT Programme in 19 DIETs and GETTIs in the above mentioned States.

PRARAMBH School for Teacher Training: It is a 4-year integrated teacher training programme, implemented in collaboration with the Government of Haryana. 220 prospective teachers are currently under training, of which, more than 65% are girl students.

The Kadam Step Up Programme: Currently 500+ Kadam Step Up Centres reach out to more than 12,000 Out of School Children across 6 states. 

Academy for Working Children: 10,376 out-of-school children have been educated and 1,500 youth have been trained through vocational training courses. Currently, 720 children have been enrolled in 3 centres in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Gurugram, Haryana.

Girls Bridge Course: It is an after school programme for girls studying in elementary school. The programme covers activities, subject-specific formal learning, social and creative skills to improve learning levels of girls to give them equal learning opportunities and prevent dropouts. Currently, over 8000+ students are studying under HPPIs Girls Bridge Courses.

Women’s Literacy Training: the women’s literacy programmes are implemented both as stand-alone projects, as well as integrated in Community Development interventions. Currently, HPPI aims to train more than 100,000 women in functional literacy by 2018.