National Epilepsy Day, Chennai - 2013

Programmes were held in different parts of Chennai related to the National Epilepsy Day.On 17th November the IEA Chennai Chapter organised a CME programme wherein interesting epileptic cases were presented from different teaching institutions of Chennai.

As there was not sufficient time to discuss the large number of cases brought for discussion,another session had to be arranged to accomodate them.

A large number of Postgraduates and Neurologists of the city took part in the discussion. The National Epilepsy Day programme was held on 18th November 2013 at Government General Hospital,Chennai to improve the public awareness on Epilepsy.

Important issues like first aid,marriage,child bearing were discussed and the doubts of the patients and carers were clarified.The Dean of the Madras Medical College and the faculty of the Institute of Neurology,participated in this programme.

Apart from the above programmes a competition on painting was conducted for children with Epilepsy at the Government Royapettah Hospital by the Neurology Department.

Dr.V .Natarajan, Chennai

Activities of IEA, Chennai - 2011

The following were the programmes conducted in Chennai in relation to the National Epilepsy Day :

  1. Information about epilepsy was provided in the Chennai Central Station as scrolling marquee on 17 th Nov.
  2. A public forum for PWE and their carers was held at the Govt.General Hospital in which the Dean And the Medical Suptdt. participated and outlined the services and medicines offered free of cost to the public at the hospital.This was followed by a Q&A session with answers being provided by the faculty
  3. Similar programmes were conducted at the Govt.Stanley,Govt.Royapettah,and Kilpauk Medical College Hospitals.
  4. A CME programme with case presentations on epilepsy was conducted with participation and discussions by Neurologists was conducted on the 27th Nov.
  5. A 2 day teaching programme for undergraduates and PGs was conducted at Tirunelveli Medical College exclusively on Epilepsy by faculty drawn from teaching institutions in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala - a 1st of its kind for the undergraduate and non neurology PGs.
  6. A 2-3 hr.CME programme was also conducted at the Institute of Neurology Madras Medical College for PGs by the local faculty.

Dr.V .Natarajan, Chennai