Epilepsy awareness programme at MEG centre for officers, soldiers and their families




Epilepsy awareness programme for teachers and college students was conducted at Surana College, south end road, jayanagar, Bangalore

Epilepsy awareness programme for National Social Service (NSS) group of National College, Basavanagudi,Bangalore students and teachers




Inauguration of slide show on epilepsy at Central Government Health Scheme, Koramangala wellness centre, Bangalore




National Epilepsy Day Celebrations 2014 by IEA Bangalore chapter





National Epilepsy Day Celebrations 2013 by IEA Bangalore chapter

IEA Bangalore chapter celebrated the National Epilepsy Day 2013  on 16th, 17th November 2013. The programme was held at the auditorium of the College of Nursing, NIMHANS, Bangalore focusing on the theme “Epilepsy and caregiver” and  general education information  epilepsy awareness. This was well attended by the students of various schools, nursing students, Persons with Epilepsy, caregivers and general public.

            On 16th November 2013, the medical exhibition was inaugurated by Dr R H Sharada Prasad, Principal and Secretary, Sri Vani Education Institution and Dr Indumathi Rao, Regional Advisor, CBR network South Asia by releasing the theme balloons. This was followed by cutting the tape and lighting the lamp. The unique brain bank of NIMHANS under the able leadership of Prof. Emeritus Dr S K Shankar had displayed  brain specimens in various Neurological disorders. The nursing students of NIMHANS had prepared colourful and informative posters and charts along with models of brain. The neuroepidemiology department under the guidance of Prof. Dr Gururaj had exhibited posters and models depicting the importance of helmet and other statistical aspects. The Pharma industry also actively participated and distributed informative booklets / handouts.
            Dr Sharada Prasad, Dr Indumathi Rao & Dr H V Srinivas  addressed the gathering consisting of the students of various schools, nursing students, PWEs, caregivers, doctors and general public in the main auditorium. They stressed on the importance of scientific and social aspects of epilepsy and lauded the efforts of IEA Bangalore chapter in organizing this programme.

           Dr R P Joshi and Dr G N Manjunath of IEA Bangalore chapter,  gave useful information about epilepsy  utilizing the additional  media.  More than 950 students & Teachers  from ten schools went through the exhibition  (Delhi Public School, National Public School, Good Shepherd school, Jyoti Vidya Kendra, Holy Saint’s School, Carmel Convent, St Pauls, Sudarshan Vidyamandir, Holy Christ, Vani Education Centre.
            On Sunday, the 17th November 2013, the National Epilepsy Day 2013 was celebrated. Sri V B Patil, IAS, Commisioner, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Sri P Venkateswar, IIS, Additional Director General of Press Information Bureau, Govt. of India consented to be the Guest of Honour.
            The programme started with the release of theme balloons followed by lighting the lamp. The  welcome address was given by Dr G N Manjunath, President, IEA Bangalore chapter who also gave a brief account of the activities of IEA Bangalore chapter. The highlight of the programme was the talks by the caregivers sharing their first hand experience. They beautifully brought out the positive effects of support by the caregivers to the PWE .






  1. Dr. R.P.Joshi (EC member, IEA Bangalore Chapter) and Sri Damodar Rao(EC member, IEA Bangalore Chapter) addressed high school students and teachers at 'The Home School' in English language at Talaghattapura on Kanakapura road - about 20 km from Bangalore on Friday, the 20th January 2012 afternoon . About 90 students along with teachers attended the lecture. It was followed by question and answer session. The session was very interactive and was well appreciated by the principal Smt Pramila Gupta and the head mistress. The activities of the IEA Bangalore Chapter were also displayed in the hall in the form of posters. The handouts of frequently asked questions about epilepsy were also distributed to the students.
  3. Sri Muralidharan K V ( Secretary IEA Bangalore Chapter), Dr. R.P.Joshi (EC member, IEA Bangalore Chapter) and Sri Damodar Rao (EC member, IEA Bangalore Chapter) addressed high school students of 'Arogya Sangha'of 'The Kamala Nehru High School' located on the South end road in Basavanagudi Bangalore on 23rd January 2012 afternoon. Nearly 200 students attended the lecture. It was followed by question and answer session. The head mistress Smt Nirupama stayed through the full programme and appreciated the unique and novel approach of IEA Bangalore. The handouts of frequently asked questions about epilepsy were also distributed to the students.

All the stundents and teachers showed lot of interest in this programme and promised to spread the right message to others also . Many teachers expressed wish that similar programmes will be conducted in many more schools.

The Kamala Nehru High School, 23rd January 2012_1

The Kamala Nehru High School, 23rd January 2012_2

The Kamala Nehru High School, 23rd January 2012_3

Home School, 20th January 2012_1

Home School, 20th January 2012_2

Home School, 20th January 2012_3

Home School, 20th January 2012_4


Swayam Krushi Television (SKTV channel) live telecast /phone- in programme for the viewers in Karnataka on Epilepsy awareness and management
Programme title - 'Sanjeevini Live Telecast '
Language - Kannada
Duration -One hour
Date - 18/12/2011
Time - 9.30am to 10.30am
Anchor - Smt Roopa Nadkarni

Programme was conducted by H K Damodar Rao EC member, IEA Bangalore Chapter & past- president IEA Bangalore chapter and Dr. Rajendra P Joshi, EC member IEA Bangalore Chapter

The live TV programme was interactive & informative with questions from viewers from different parts of Karnataka regarding social aspects and medical management the details were given by both Damodar Rao & Dr Joshi accordingly. In addition, the anchor asked preplanned questions to spread awareness on different aspects of epilepsy care.

In addition, slides & photographs were shown on TV screen to make the session attractive & educative.

The phone numbers of Sri Damodar Rao & Dr R P Joshi were also continuously displayed on the TV screen for the viewers for asking queries after the programme was over.

The phone calls from various areas/places are still coming which is heartening and encouraging. We are answering all queries & clarifying with suitable advice.

We plan to organize many more awareness programmes on social aspects and management of epilepsy using different media to spread the right message to large audience.


This year's National epilepsy day was more of a 'National epilepsy week', as it was celebrated over five days. The theme, as decided by Indian Epilepsy Association, National Body (IEA) was "Prevention of Epilepsy". The IEA Bangalore Chapter planned the awareness programme to focus on school children and the general public and make it interesting and informative for them,

In the form of an exhibition on "prevention of epilepsy". Letters were written to over 180 schools giving the details of the exhibition and requesting the principals to send their students at staggered timings. Most of the school authorities were met personally by Mr.Damodar Rao our executive committee member.

The exhibition was held at Rajendra Prasad Auditorium ( Bangalore Medical college) on three days 13, 14th & 15th of November 2009. In all there were seven stalls Anatomy, Physiology. Neurology, Neuropathology, Neuro epidemiology, stroke and IEA stalls.

Anatomy stall displayed the specimens of brain in various sections and its functions were explained to the visitors.

The physiology stall displayed a brain model which depicted important areas of the brain which when stimulated with the help of photosensitive current highlighted the functional area of the body parts.

Neurology stall was full of posters on various aspects of epilepsy with relevant information on types of epilepsy symptom causes and treatment.

The Stroke stall depicted the specimens of brain affected with different types of strokes and information on how to prevent stroke, thus prevent epilepsy.

The epidemiology stall displayed the statistics of epilepsy following head injury (from NIMHANS) the consequences of not wearing or wearing a wrong kind of helmet. They also displayed the right kind of helmet and a broken helmet following an accident as it was a substandard one.

The Neuropathology stall which was a cynosure of the exhibition displayed specimens of brain with cysticercosis , stroke, head injury, birth defects.

In addition to the specimens relevant posters were also displayed with lot of useful information.

The IEA stall was full of pictures of various activities of the chapter and the various works and projects undertaken over several years.

All the stalls were manned by expert volunteers from Bangalore Medical College and NIMHANS.

The exhibition was declared open on Friday 13th November by Sri. Ramachandra Gowda the Hon'ble Minister of Medical Education Govt of Karnataka who went round all the stalls with great enthusiasm and spent more than an hour, full of questions and curiosity. He was highly appreciative of the efforts put in for educating the public. He was so impressed that he made a reference to this exhibition, in other functions that he attended later, which resulted in more number of visitors. The function was presided by Mr Vishukumar - Director of Information and publicity government of Karnataka which gave us a further boost to the publicity.

The response was overwhelming and had over 3000 children visiting and carrying home a message and quite a few of them bringing their parents the next day. The volunteers worked tirelessly in three shifts from 10-A.M.to 5-00 P.M on all the three days The lay persons and particularly students who formed a big chunk of visitors were allowed to touch, handle and feel the brain specimen and were encouraged to ask questions.

National epilepsy day was celebrated on the 15th Nov., Hon'ble Justice Shivaraj Patil retired judge of the Supreme Court of India, was the chief guest and he treated us to an impeccable lecture with lot of suggestions particularly regarding "Law and Epilepsy". There was a talk on prevention of epilepsy by Dr. Sanjib Sinha, Neurologist and a very informative skit in English by the Students of St.John's medical College under the stewardship of Dr.Chanda Kulkarni followed by a skit in kannada by students of Mahaveer Jain College ably directed by our executive commitee member Mr. Venkatesh.

Curtains were drawn at the end of the day on 15th at 6-00 P.M. but our activities continued as we had a painting competition for children with epilepsy on 17th and 20th at the department of Neurology Bangalore Medical College.

Such a stupendous activity would not have been possible with out the active involvement of all the members of the Executive committee. The entire function was done with the active cooperation and collaboration of the Departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology of Bangalore Medical College and Departments of Neuropathology. Neuro epidemiology of NIMHANS In conclusion I can say that the message on the prevention of epilepsy has gone down very well to the future generation of our country- the school and college students.

Hon Secretary-IEA Bangalore Chapter.