National epilepsy day is celebrated at visakhapatnam(IEA)on 17 november 2014.

National epilepsy Day was organised on 17th November, 2014 at King George Hospital/ Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam under IeA, Visakhapatnam Chapter. On this occasion, around seventy patients assembled with their family members and care givers. Children participated in painting & drawing competitions and other board games and prizes are given to the winners. Adults with epilepsy participated in elocution and essay writing. On this occasion question & answer session on epilepsy was conducted. Prof. Dr. M. Madhusudhana Babu, Superintendent, King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam who is a Neurologist was the Chief Guest on the occasion and spoke on social aspects of epilepsy. Prof. Dr. G. Butchi Raju, HOD, Neurology Department spoke on Myths on epilepsy and he was actively supported by Dr. S. Gopi, Assoc. Prof. in clarifying the doubts on epilepsy by audience.

We have conducted a epilepsy walk starting from SevenHills hospital to YSR park.all the staff members of seven hills hospital,doctors nurses and paramedics have participated.dr.k venkateswarlu  president IEA addressed the gathering.rural SP(superintendent of police)was the chief guest.Telangana  neuro foundation,APNSA and sun pharmaceuticals have supported the event.

The programme was actively covered by the local media and press.




Activities of IEA, Visakhapatnam Chapter
National epilepsy day is celebrated at visakhapatnam(IEA)on 17 november.

A CME is organised by indus hospital where dr.v.satyanarayana and dr.R.V.Narayana gave lectures to local physicians. King george hospital and department of neurology has conducted a free educational camp at KGH Radiology babu superintendent of KGH and dr.G.butchi raju professor and Hod neurology and senior neurophysician dr.V.satyanarayana have addressed the gathering.local MLA sri. dronam raju srinivas.associate prof g.gopi and K.Satish also participated.

  1. The IEA, Visakhapatnam chapter screened a film on Epilepsy awareness on 18-11-04 in VUDA Children's theatre. The CD was given by Dr.Praveena Shah of Mumbai; it was well attended and evoked enthusiatic response from the spectators in the form of long question answer session. The Association extends its grateful thanks to Dr. Shah for this gesture.
  2. The sale of antiepileptic medication to the members of IEA, Visakhapatnam Chapter at subsidized prices with contributions from Sankar foundation continues.
  3. Dr.K.Satya Rao, an active member of the Association cunducted a camp at Vizianagaram on 17-11-04. About 50 patients attended the camp, who were given free medication and counselling.
  4. On 14-11-04, Children's day, the Hon. Secretary addressed a large gathering of students and teachers about Epilepsy awareness.
  5. The Hon. Secretary addressed a meeting of teachers of the Municipal Corporation about what they should do when they encounter a child in the school with a seizure. They were taught about the first aid and need to be taken to a doctor and also about social aspects.

Names of the office bearers:-

Secretary - Dr.R.V.Narayana
Treasurer - Dr.K.Satya Rao
Members - Dr.G.Butchi Raju
- Sri M.Satyanarayana
- Sri S.Venkata Rao